6 July 2009

Wind Knitting Factory, 2009

Merel Karhof's machine is wind powered and knits scarves. Good idea if it is very windy.

The Idea of a Tree, 2008

Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler's machine makes lampshades and is powered by the sun. The thread is pulled through ink, glue, and wrapped round a mold. The sun's strength controls the speed of mold rotation. The thread varies in colour intensity, depending on how long it spent in the ink. At the end of a day, the lamp shade can be 'harvested' and the colour variation gives a graphic representation of the days weather.

Big Dipper, 2007

Sarah van Gameren's machine makes candles. This making is also a performance, advertising the candles and giving them a story.

Sleeping Beauty, 2006

This spider-like light knits it's own lampshade, when the light is on. The machine runs slowly, so it hardly seems to be knitting. The shade takes several months to be completed.